Sainsbury’s and appalling customer service……………again!

JSainsburysplc_HeaderPopped into the main Sainsbury’s store in Huddersfield this morning and purchased a few items including a jar of Belazu “Tapenade” as I like to buy these jars of exotic things and then work out how I can use them.

The item was on the shelf and the display card said reduced from £3.00 to £1.95 so I thought that seems good value I will have it.

I get to the check out and as the item goes through it shows up on the cash screen as £3.00, so I say to the check out girl can you just check that as on the display it says £1.95. She then summons a colleague who trundles off to check the price on the shelf.

I then stand there for several minutes with no sign of the staff member returning and the young lady on the checkout looking very uncomfortable and obviously embarrassed. “I am sure she wont be long,” she says to me with a real lack of conviction.

After about 5 minutes the woman returns and said “someone stopped me on the way back” which mad me think “shouldn’t I have been the priority and the other customers waiting behind me?”

Put it through at £1.95 she says to the checkout girl and then said to me “its just that the prices change on Tuesday evening and they hadn’t got around to doing it” to which I replied “that is not my problem, that is a management problem to ensure sufficient staff are on duty to update prices so they are accurate.”

brandmatch_425x250I then said to her “I used to shop regularly at Sainsbury’s but came across this “erroneous pricing” on numerous occasions so I stopped coming here and it would seem that the old practices are still operating.

She promised to pass my comments onto the management but I have to confess that I am not holding my breath.

If you consider that people are purchasing items at a reduced price and then end up paying the full price (many do not check the prices like I do……….I was trained well by my mother who grew up in a real era of austerity!) they are being scammed out of thousands of pounds daily.

This practice is not unique to Sainsbury’s but it was the number of time that it was happening that originally infuriated me………….and they still seem to be up to their old tricks.

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