Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla…………..Lithuanian conductor destined for great things

mirgaOn Norman Lebrecht’s blog “Slippedisc” there is a debate going on about the relative merits of female orchestral conductors http://slippedisc.com/2015/10/lucernes-summer-of-women-conductors-gimmick-or-breakthrough/, and as usual there is the usual misogyny about how poor female conductors are (please change the record).

All of a sudden there is a left field contribution suggesting that Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla is being seriously considered for the music directors job at the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra to succeed Andris Nelsons.


Of Lithuanian birth, Ms Grazinyte-Tyla has been serving as Assistant Conductor at the Los Angelas Philharmonic as well as continuing to build a reputation in Europe.

I have no idea how substantial these rumours are but another contributor to the discussion say “it is the worst kept secret in Brumm, that she is being seriously considered.”

It would be an enormous leap of faith to appoint such a young and relatively inexperienced conductor however, when one looks back, the orchestra  did this with Simon Rattle, Sakhari Oramo and more recently Andris Nelsons.

Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla. Foto: Philipp Zinniker

So let us wait and see, but it would be wonderful to see such a blossoming talent get the appointment. It would make all Lithuanians proud and continue the forward march to gain acceptance of females in a still very male dominated world.

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5 Responses to Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla…………..Lithuanian conductor destined for great things

  1. John Sharp Roberts says:

    It will be totally magnificent if she comes to Birmingham. What a fabulous result this would be for sure!


  2. Neil Fiertel says:

    I just saw a mesmerizing short news programme on her. She is lightning..the music passes through her fingers. Any orchestra who gets her for conductor has made a brilliant move.


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