TK Maxx………….a pat on the back


In recent months I have had a number of “rants” about poor customer service in a variety of organisations. A particular hate of mine is to walk in to an establishment (usually a retail outlet of some kind) and be greeted by a screeching voice shouting “Hyaaaaaaaaaa” or “Yaaallright?” and without being ageist it is usually someone in their late teens of very early twenties.

I don’t think parents or educational institutions teach either formal or informal greetings these days.

No one seems able to muster a simple “good morning / afternoon” followed by a friendly and informal “is there any way I can be of help?” Now it may be an age thing but I do expect a degree of civility.

Well!…………this morning I went into the TK Maxx store in Huddersfield and as I walked across the shop floor one of the male staff walked past me, smiled and said “good morning.” I have to say that I was rather taken aback, but managed to mutter a pleasant “good morning in return.”

I don’t know who he was (I think his name may have been Amoud or something similar) but hats off to that gentleman for observing some, shall we say, old-fashioned courtesies and a pat on the back for TK Maxx who would seem to be getting some of their training right.

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