World Economic Forum, Laura Vanderkam…………..and these people want us to take them seriously?


Business brains at the World Economic Forum were perhaps hoping to inspire executives around the world with their list of ’14 things successful people do before breakfast’.
But the organisation was instead met with mockery online, with Twitter users rushing to parody their cringe-worthy tone.

The Davos forum uses its Twitter account to promote economic and social progress, often citing new research or advice for the world’s elite.
But a tweet this afternoon referencing a book by time-management expert Laura Vanderkam brought howls of laughter from website wags.

Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam

Having looked at Ms Vanderkams Linkedin profile I note that she graduated from Princeton University in 2001(does not state what she studied) but then  does not give any details of subsequent employment history other than listing her “profession” as “writing and speaking.”

I tried other links via Google but cannot really find any meaningful employment other than writing and telling others what to do, apparently based on little or no “real life” experience.

But lets face it, the woman who comes up with “14 things successful people do before breakfast” and the first two are:-

1 They wake up early

2 They drink water

has surely got to be inhabiting a parallel universe (often extolled by Prof Brian Cox) which the rest of us mere mortals can only aspire to enter at some time in the future. The 14 points are the epitome of banality so beloved of the “self-help” gurus in America and perhaps explains why we Brits can’t take them seriously and end up “taking the piss” out of them (and how long has Tony Robbins and the “Oprah mob” been peddling their snake oil to gullible buyers?).

For those of a questioning disposition may I recommend “Smile or Die” by Barbara Ehrenreich which is a scathing analysis of the “self-help” industry.

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