The Very Thought of You………………

There are some songs that become standards and timeless, and this is usually reflected in the number of different artists who sing / record the song. One of these songs (in my opinion) is “The Very Thought of You” written by Ray Noble and published in 1934, it has gone on to be covered by numerous singers from different musical genres.

Go onto YouTube and you will find versions by Nat King Cole, a wonderful up tempo version by Ella Fitzgerald (almost my favourite), Etta James, Al Bowlly and more recently the likes of Elvis Costello (who should never be allowed near such a song!) and Rod Stewart (passable version).

For me however, the greatest performance is the one by Tony Bennett recorded back in the  1960s (he has done a more recent duet version with Paul McCartney) when he was considered “the singers singer.”

What makes this version so special besides the wonderful vocal, is the cornet playing of one of the jazz greats Bobby Hackett, over the top of a lush orchestration.

I think this should be played to all the classical music snobs who have a tendency to sneer at popular music!

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