A Hospital Visit……………….another reflection!


You will note that from my previous blog on this matter dated 9 November 2015 that I was a little critical about some aspects of the NHS experience I had when I visited my daughter in hospital.

It was only when talking this issue through with a friend that I realised that I had missed something out from my observations.

Whilst talking to my daughter on the ward a member of staff came round with a tea urn to provide drinks. He asked my daughter if she would like some tea to which she said yes, but noticeably did not ask my wife or myself. It was at this point that I noticed a rather large sign on the back of the tea urn, which said in block capitals FOR PATIENT USE ONLY.


Presumable this was to inform relatives and visitors that they were not to ask for a drink, as it would not be forthcoming.

And then I remembered all the franchises the hospital had with Costa Coffee where any visitor can get a coffee for the small sum of about £2.65. You may have to walk some considerable distance to find Costa but with perseverance you will succeed.

You can also pay exorbitant prices for stuff at the WH Smith franchise, but then again the hospital have to screw as much out of visitors as possible.

The issue of “no tea for visitors” takes no account of the fact that visitors may have travelled for some considerable time to get there, negotiated their way around the complexities of hospital geography to find a relative / friend seriously ill, be extremely stressed…………so what policy do the hospital adopt? “screw the visitors” they can go and find their own drink.


No thought of welfare needs of visitors, all to save the hospital a few pence but at the loss of considerable good will on the visitors part.

Talk about “losing sight” of customer service!!!!!!!

In my original posting I did not name the hospital but I think on this occasion they deserve to be named, so step forward the University Hospital of South Manchester (Wythenshawe) and take a bow, The Chief Executive and Board of Directors should hang their heads in shame at this penny pinching policy.

Please note, I have no criticism of the clinical excellence of staff.

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One Response to A Hospital Visit……………….another reflection!

  1. info4u2bu says:

    Interesting point. I recently visited a relative at a hospital in Preston. They too have a Costa franchise and self-service machines. The one time I went to get a coffee from the machine it had run out of cups. According to a member of staff this was a common occurrence. The on-site WH Smiths was closed so couldn’t even buy (what would have been) an overpriced bottle of water. On another occasion another member of staff told my partner go to the hospital to wait for her son to come out of recovery (he’d had major surgery) and she’d make them a cup of tea. Sadly the cup of tea never materialised even after a 4 hour wait.


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