Paris………….and the “religion of peace”


I see that the “religion of peace” have been up to their usual cowardly tricks in Paris, they seem to be very good at blowing civilians up, shooting unarmed people and beheading journalists and aid workers who can pose no threat to them. They also do a nice line in child rape (Yazidis) not forgetting the kidnap of over 200 young girls by Boko Haram, many of whom were forced into marriage and systematically raped.

They scream that we in the west are all to blame because of the foreign policies of our governments, obviously forgetting that in a democracy (something which is totally alien to them) that many people may disagree with government policy but that is the way a democratic system works. In their eyes it is “guilt by association.”

The Islam apologists along with their “leftie” supporters will be out today saying either:-

  1. It’s all the wests own fault because of foreign policy (wonderful catch-all term)
  2. These murderers did not represent the “real islam”………..

No doubt the Muslim Council of GB  will put out some statement, but just out of curiosity who actually elects these people to the council, and does it contain any women?

Corbyn, mouthpiece for the islamic terrorists

Corbyn, mouthpiece for the islamic terrorists

Then no doubt we will get Jeremy Corbyn saying that it would have been better if the killers could have been captured and brought to justice. He will then make reference to “middle east policy” and say that we misunderstand ISIL and that they are behaving in an “understandable way.” And to think that this man actually stands a chance of becoming PM.

So, do please tell me “who does represent the real islam” because there seems to be a lot of fanatics around proclaiming that they are the true followers of this cretinous religious belief. And you have to look and ask the question “how do you reconcile the fact that your chief prophet  married a girl of 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9?”, by any standards that is the behaviour of a paedophile.

I live in West Yorkshire and I have noticed in the last couple of years more and more asian women wearing the full veil and burqua, clad from head to foot in black and making no concession to the fact that they are living in a free western society and totally ignoring the “cultural norms” of our society. It seems to me that muslims demand respect for their culture and beliefs but many fail to reciprocate with regard to western cultural norms.

It is time that this pandering to supporters of Islam stopped, if they find western culture “unacceptable” why stay here? There are many countries they could go to with a one party “Sharia state”……………….it couldn’t be anything to do with the freedom of speech they enjoy, the fact that they can associate freely, that they can worship freely…………..or the  benefits system of the UK which they find so appealing could it?

As a final thought I look forward to the thousands of “moderate muslims” marching through Paris today carrying placards saying “not in my name”…………………..

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