Tesco and Costa Coffee…….shocking customer service!

Last Friday I called into the Tesco superstore on the ring road in Oldham to pick up a few essential items. When I got to the checkout I was served by a gentleman who looked in a bit of discomfort and he said that he gets cramps in his leg when he sits at the till. He also started rambling on about the doctor changing his medication at which point I “switched off” as I had no wish to get into a debate about medical prescriptions.


When he had put the items through the till I said to him “I just want the Tesco points putting on this card” with the intention of paying cash. I them put my card into the machine and was pre-occupied with something that when he said “put your PIN number in” I did so, not thinking that this would be a transaction.

I then gave him a £20 pound note to pay my bill and he said that the transaction had gone through on my card. I pointed out that I had specifically said that it was “just for the points” to which he responded “I will need to get my supervisor to sort this out.”

The supervised came and said I would need to go to customer service to get a refund, by this time I was feeling quite angry and pointed out to the supervisor that I had specified “points only” on the card but all he could say was that I would need to go to customer service. There was no sympathy whatsoever from him, no offer to resolve the issue personally and a studied all round indifference.

As I had already been delayed I simply said “I will let the transaction stand but it is the last time I shop at this Tesco store.”

Yesterday (Saturday) I called into the Costa Coffee in Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Huddersfield to get a drink. I joined a lengthy queue to place my order and I just happened to look at my watch which showed just after 10.15am. At 10.29 I eventually got served having whiled away my time wondering how the hell it takes them so long to serve customers.


Whilst being served I noticed that there was a new coffee machine standing idly whilst the staff were trying to use one machine to serve all the customers. I asked one of the staff why they were not using the second machine to which she responded “the manager is trying to set it up and it has to be done via his laptop” (no, I don’t understand either).

The manager was hunched over his laptop in front of this new machine but seemed to be making little headway. It did strike me that it would probably have been better if he had arrived early and set up before what would be a very busy day in the run up to Christmas. But still, I guess you can’t legislate for common sense!

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