Devastating floods in Cumbria whilst we waste £11.7 billion on overseas aid!


Above are just some of the images that have been published showing the devastation that has been suffered in Cumbria by the torrential rain and subsequent flooding. Farmland is under water, villages cut off, bridges that have stood for hundreds of years swept away and the county town of Carlisle under several feet of water.

Of course this was front page news in the media for a few days then it gets relegated to later pager in the paper as the “novelty” of the devastation wears off for those living south of the M25.

If this had happened in London, a national emergency would have been declared, everyman and his dog would have been constantly interviewed and we, the viewers, would have been invited to “empathise” with those suffering.

The people of Cumbria have been subject to floods twice in a matter of weeks and are threatened again as another storm approaches the north-west of the UK.

In the meantime, we get a token visit from the Prime Minister and then  Prince Charles turns up, in the latter case I have no understanding of why he feels the need to appear at every disaster as he has no intention of doing anything in terms of providing financial support.

Many of the people of Cumbria were unable to get house insurance and so will have nothing to fall back on. The Prime Minister has promised to do “everything possible to support those affected”……which seems to be a tokenistic comment and probably lead to very little support being provided.

Now in this time of need one would think the priority would be “look after your own” in the first instance. However, if we look at the amount of money shipped out in overseas aid, the last figure published was £11.7 billion pounds (yes, read that figure again) and much of this goes to corrupt countries, countries that are opposed to western values and not least India, which has its own nuclear and space programme.

So the question I have for the Prime Minister and his government is “what are you going to do about the people of Cumbria in the light of the money that is wasted abroad and could be used to support our own people?”

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One Response to Devastating floods in Cumbria whilst we waste £11.7 billion on overseas aid!

  1. mikethepsych says:

    Yes charity should begin at home.


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