Worsley Court House and the Bridgewater Canal…………….

We seem to have had several weeks of continuous rain which has limited my photographic outings, but yesterday we had a day of clear blue sky (at least to start off with) and sunshine (it’s a big yellow ball in the sky, I had to consult Wikipedia to remind myself of what it was).

As I was heading over to Lancashire anyway (for afternoon cream tea at Falshaws Farm Shop near Bury) I decided to make a slight detour to Worsley to photograph the court house , canal and entrance to the underground canals.

The underground canal system stretched for 46 miles and was a tremendous feat of engineering but at the cost of a good number of lives but was vital to the development of the north west of England industrial heartland.

The images that follow try to capture the beauty of the canal basin and the magisterial court house which dates back to the 12th century.



All photographs (c) Kindadukish 2015


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