In the midst of chaos…….a “true Brit”

It is said in the famous Noel Coward song that “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun.”

Well, at the other end of the scale it is that British stoicism and stiff upper lip in times of catastrophe that makes us who we are.

The last few days have brought rainfall of unprecedented levels (one months rain fell in twenty-four hours) and has caused chaos with devastation to homes, businesses, transport and even sport!

At the moment the media is full of images of plucky people fighting to keep water out of their homes whilst the emergency services do what they can (supported by the Army) to help people survive the torrents of water.


In all of this there is one picture that sums everything that is good about being British, improbable as it may seem this gentleman stopped for a flask of coffee in the midst of the devastation and chaos all around.

A “true Brit”……………………

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