Welcome to a flooded North of England………

“O what a lovely Christmas…………….”


The above photos taken in the last 48 hours give some idea of the devastation caused by the torrential rain and subsequent floods that have engulfed the North of England and in particular the areas of Lancashire and West Yorkshire (the latter where I live). By the way the last photograph is of statues of llamas, they are not real live ones.

I have been very lucky (if that is the right phrase) in that I live on top of the Pennines in a little village called Golcar and all the rain has drained away into the valley below with severe impact on the villages of Slaithwaite (flooded yesterday when I tried to drive through the centre of the village) and Marsden.

Thousands of people have had their Christmas festivities ruined, many having to spend time in emergency accommodation. However, many communities have rallied round to provide support for those affected (we British do crisis particularly well) but it will be a time before many of the people can move back into their devastated homes.

I wait with anticipation what the Government will do about supporting those affected……………but as I said in a blog the other day, all of this is happening outside of the M25, and southerners, particularly the London metropolitan elite very rarely set foot into the “uncharted” North of England (we all wear flat caps, eat meat pies and race whippets according to many in the south!).

*Photographs are from various sources of the media

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