Customer Service is alive and well in West Yorkshire………………….

Around 8.00am yesterday morning I heard a crashing sound which sounded like a slate falling from height. As I looked out of the bedroom window (three floors up) I could see a roof slate in pieces in my neighbour’s back yard.

The awful weather we are having, and particularly the very high winds had dislodged a roof tile. Given that heavy rainfall was forecast for later in the day I decided I needed to get this fixed as soon as possible. However, it is the holiday period between Christmas and New Year so I was not that optimistic.

I decided to post the job on a local website hoping that someone would get back to me later in the day.

To my amazement I got an e-mail from a local roofing specialist within 30 minutes saying that he could come out to inspect the job the following day. I responded by saying that I would like it done today but fully understood if he was already booked up with jobs for the day.

The three story house they had to climb to inspect the roof (in very high winds)

The three story house they had to climb to inspect the roof (in very high winds)

About 30 minutes later the gentleman turned up at the door to say he had come to see if he could get the job done. I did express some concern about him going up onto the very high roof in such high winds. He reassured me it was possible and that he would go and get one of his colleagues to help.

A further 30 minutes elapsed when the two men turned up and proceeded to go onto the roof. After inspecting the damage they explained what needed to be done and quoted me a price for the work. I quickly agreed the price and they set to work.

The damage was not as serious as I first thought and they were able to replace the damaged tile. I was full of admiration for their professional approach and the fact they were prepared to work in such hazardous conditions to ensure my house would not be subject to rainwater coming through the roof.

Side view of the house

Side view of the house (outhouse to the left)

When they had finished the main job one of the men said he had noticed three tiles which needed fixing on the office roof. He very kindly did this job and included it in the price already agree for the main job.

So, by mid day the main roof had been repaired along with the three roof slates on the outhouse.

So thank you to Mathew and his colleague from Eagle Roofing for responding so quickly, working in very challenging conditions and charging a reasonable fee for their services. It restores my confidence in todays modern workmen after my extremely bad experiences with three others earlier in the year.

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