The Flying Scotsman, Ramsbottom and a grey winters day………and a chance encounter with ‘Tanas bear!

“A grand day out………………..”


The regular steam train enters the station

Although I am scheduled to go on an official visit to see the Flying Scotsman train next Friday, I decided at short notice to go over to Ramsbottom (small town in Lancashire) today as the train was making several runs along the Bury to Rawtenstall line and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss.


Hidden by steam………….

Arriving in Ramsbottom I parked up and began walking into the town when I saw (at a distance) smoke and then the train passing through the station. I had missed it…………….


Young and old await the arrival of the Flying Scotsman

A quick trip to the farm shop (Falshaws of Bury) and reinvigorated with cappuccino and bacon and egg barm cake (highly recommended) I returned to Ramsbottom to await the return of the train.


The Flying Scotsman in all its imposing glory

I took up my position on the bridge across the line and waited patiently for about forty minutes. By this time the platform was thronged with people, both old and young, all there to see the iconic Flying Scotsman train.


What would’t I pay to be in their shoes…………

At just before 1.00pm the City of Wells train (The Golden Arrow) came from the direction of Rawtenstall and pulled into the station. Then, what everyone had come for made its dramatic appearance.


Carriage after carriage packed to the rafters

First we saw the smoke from the train and then this magnificent piece of engineering came into view. It was larger than I expected and incredibly imposing as it made its way through the station without stopping. It was pulling around a dozen coaches, which were absolutely packed with adults and kids……….lucky people!


City of Wells going in the other direction

It was all over in less than a couple of minutes but we all stood transfixed by this magnificent beast, well all that is, except for the several hundred photographers running around to get the best shot of the train (myself included).


‘Tanas bear falls asleep waiting for the Flying Scotsman train………but he is Lithuanian after all!

Walking back along the platform I saw people with smiles on their faces at having seen a 20th century icon and now able to say “I was there, the day the Flying Scotsman came through Ramsbottom.”



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