Some sanity at last, and as usual it takes a woman to talk sense

It takes a woman to talk some sense……………….


Professor Louise Richardson

Nobel prizewinner Sir Tim Hunt, hounded from his academic job over light-hearted remarks deemed sexist… historian David Starkey removed from a Cambridge University video over claims that he has espoused ‘racist’ views …

‘Safe spaces’ on campus, where it is forbidden to challenge fashionable opinions… calls to pull down a statue of 19th century Oxford benefactor Cecil Rhodes, over his colonialist outlook…

I do wonder what is going to happen to all these delicate and sensitive students when they go into jobs and find that there isn’t a safe space at work, that free frank exchange of views is commonplace (indeed, the odd argument may develop). My goodness, are they in for a bloody great culture shock!

In recent months, there has been a litany of chronicled countless offences against freedom of thought and open debate, committed at universities in the name of political correctness – often with the connivance of supine authorities

So  yesterday’s speeches by Oxford University’s Vice Chancellor and Chancellor are extremely welcome, and remind students of the importance of questioning and engaging with uncomfortable ideas, while remembering the traditions, values and interests that unite us.

The wise words of Professor Louise Richardson and (for once) Lord Patten are a timely reminder of the true meaning of education. But is anyone listening?

But wouldn’t you just know that it was a woman who had the “cojonas” to make a stand, whilst many of her male colleagues cowered in the shadows afraid to speak out in case they were seen as “not PC.”



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