Everything is green at Hardcastle Crags

I visited Hardcastle Crags in the Spring of 2015 and managed to photograph the Bluebells and Wild Garlic in all their glory.

Last Saturday I made a return visit in the depths of winter and was greeted with a “sea of green” primarily from the lichens and moss growing everywhere, on walls, trees and along the ground.

The river, which runs along the valley was still pretty full but apparently during the recent storms it rose several feel sweeping everything in its wake. There are very large boulders all over the dry ground, which gives some indication of the power of the water as it swept everything before it.

Along my trek I met a young lady from Hungary who had travelled from Manchester to take part in a run / walk race around the crags. She said she was from Bikaver in the North east of Hungary and famous for the “Bulls Blood” wine.

My trek took me along the upper path outward and back along the lower path alongside the river, encountering quite a few walkers out for the day because of the fine weather.

But it was the “greenness” of everything that made the greatest impression……..it was a bit like looking into a primeval tropical jungle at times……….











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