Hebden Bridge, welcome to vegiburgerville



On my recent visit to Hebden Bridge (bohemian capital of the north, and some would say of the UK) I took the opportunity to wander up the the little railway station which I had never visited before.


It is a beautiful building that has a feeling of a small country house that is very welcoming. After a very good cappuccino and tea cake (very highly recommended) in the little station cafe I wandered onto the platform just to have a look around.


What I saw took me a little by surprise, but then again I thought “well it is Hebden Bridge” What was amusing me was a table and two chairs on the platform so that people could drink their coffee and choose from a number of paperback books on the table……..very civilised I thought and typical of the bohemian spirit of the area.

After taking in the views from the platform I wandered back to the front of the building and as I walked back down the station approach I saw a sign advertising “Cycle and Ride Lockers” which encouraged people to cycle to the station before commuting to surrounding towns and cities e.g. Leeds.


As my colleague Mike would say “oh yes, very Hebden Bridgeish and very Green” as we have both been known to make fun of the “right on” credentials of this area. But hey, if the locals like it and provides a service, why the hell not?

So if you are ever in this neck of the woods in West Yorkshire, pop into Hebden Bridge and ensure you visit the little cafe at the station, you will not be disappointed.

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