Reflections on water…………

The Huddersfield Narrow Canal at Slaithwaite (or “Slawit” to the locals)

IMGP6889.JPGBreak open the sparkling wine as the Handmade Bakery in Slaithwaite is open again after having to close for emergency repairs to the bakery floor. There have been riots in the village as well as Marsden, Meltham and even parts of Golcar by those unable to source their favourite “artisan bread.”


So this morning I took myself off to the bakery to get some bread but also to enjoy a coffee and almond croissant. After parking the car near by,  I ambled slowly along the canal path taking in the beautiful colours of the plants and trees canal side. What was even more wonderful was a clear blue sky and a big yellow object was visible (will need to look this up on Wikipedia when I get home to identify the object) apparently giving off a little heat.


The water in the canal was perfectly calm, not a breath of wind, and the reflections in the water of the trees was quite beautiful. I took a number of photographs to try and capture the images and then a couple of children a little farther along began to throw stones into the water.


This created a stunning ripple effect and distorted the images of the trees which was quite magical……… I took even mote photographs of these distortions.


I spent a good fifteen minutes just wandering along the path, taking in the views and in particular the Leeds to Manchester train crossing the Slaithwaite viaduct, an outstanding piece of Victorian civil engineering and part of this areas industrial heritage. Apparently, the village is the only one in the UK with a canal flowing through the centre.


Eventually I finished up in the cafe, which was already beginning to fill up with locals and regulars, of which I am one. So after a good latte and a large Stonemillers Cob tucked under my arm, I set off back to the car and slowly made my way back to Golcar.


After all the recent dreadful weather it was nice to see blue skies and sunlight again and I also noticed that wild daffodils were in bud, which seems incredibly early but is a sign of the very mild weather we have had this winter.

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