Boss v Leader, oh, and there is Apple!



I came across the above on Linkedin and it conforms to the current thinking on what makes a good leader. I think we are being invited to view the second column as the desirable “skills and personal qualities” for todays modern leader.

What I find interesting is that if you look at “the boss” of the worlds most successful company i.e. Apple, the late Steve Jobs would probably have ticked most or all of the criteria in the first list.

Having read a variety of articles about Jobs and his very eccentric behaviour at times, and having watched the recent film about his life (even allowing for artistic licence) he comes across as a complete tyrant with very few redeeming features.

But then again he did tend to break all the management rules. Who else would have the temerity to launch the iPad onto the market without any market testing, allied to the fact that if you had a laptop and an iPhone, why the hell did you need a iPad?

Jobs created a cult about Apple products, and we are unlikely to see his like again. He broke most of the rules, challenged received wisdom about running a company but made the company a stunning success.

It remains to be seen how the company performs without this maverick genius to drive them forward.

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