Cannon Hall………….one of Yorkshires hidden gems

IMGP7003.JPG Cannon Hall is a fine example of a grand stately home that was developed to its grand proportions through the riches gained by a family in the 18th Century. Officially it is situated inside the boundary of Barnsley, but is as far from the stereotype view people have of this northern town.


My first memories of the Hall go back over 25 years when my young daughter competed for Hallamshire Harriers in the South Yorkshire Cross Country League. I spent several grim, cold and wet Sunday afternoons supporting her as she ran around the country park. Just very occasionally you would get a decent day……….but not very often.


It is a good number of years since I visited the hall so yesterday, given that there was a hint of sunshine in the sky, I decided a little photography outing was called for.


On arrival I parked up and was taken aback by how much had changed. The car parks had been modernized and expanded (very reasonable parking fee of £3.00 for all day and you can get thus refunded if you spend £10.00 or more in the café).


The café had doubled in size and the delicatessen / meat shop had trebled in size. The choice of fresh meat, cheeses, and fresh bread along side locally produced “craft beers” was a sight to behold.


If you have kids then Cannon Hall has one of the best farm attractions in the country with a variety of animals that can be petted and fed.  Sheep, pigs, cows, donkeys, Shetland ponies, Llamas, rabbits and Guinea pigs amongst others. You can even visit at lambing time and stay until the early hours of the morning to see the lambs born.


The Hall itself is a wonderful piece of architecture and the view from the front is quite stunning. It is a wonderful open space and yesterday people were piling in by the car load to take advantage of the good weather and beautiful countryside.


The Hall is about 10 minutes drive from the M1 motorway, so if you are passing then do call in, it is well worth the visit…………..and you will never view Barnsley in the same light again!




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