First TansPennine Express……upon pain of death!



First TransPennine train crosses the “Slawit” viaduct

Yesterday I was scheduled to run a development workshop for a department at the University of York. Knowing full well that parking is a nightmare in the city I decided to do my “green bit” and go by train. It was a beautiful day so I thought it would be quite nice to sit back and take in the countryside particularly the Yorkshire wolds.

I boarded the train at Huddersfield in what can only be describes as something resembling a “rugby scrummage” with the women in particular taking no prisoners, as they pushed their way on to a packed train.

The train consisted of  only three carriages and I had to stand all the way to Leeds as there seemed to be as many, if not more people stood up than actually seated. I had paid over £27.00 for the privelidge of being treated treated like a sardine, squashed together with other commuters, most of whom I assumed to be regular commuters from the resigned look on their faces.


The magnificent York station

At Leeds, many of the commuters disembarked and I managed to grab myself a seat for the last bit of the journey . I sat back for the 20 minute journey to York with a slightly glazed look on my face and more or less oblivious to the beautiful countryside I was passing through.

My spirits were lifted as I got off the train in York station, looked up and took in the vastness of the dome and was able once again to marvel at this magnificent piece of civil engineering, and don’t miss the wonderful station clock.

What I can’t understand is that the commute into Leeds from Huddersfield has been a nightmare for as long as I can remember. People are paying a lot of money to basically be treated like cattle and the train company don’t seem to give a toss.

We are charged extortionate  prices for tickets and god forbid if you want a tea or coffee as you will need a bank loan. I saw one young lady charged £1.80 for a very small bottle of still mineral water!!!!!!!

If I have to do this journey again at a similar time I would seriously consider driving, yes I know York is horrendous in rush hour, but at least I would have the comfort of my car, not being squashed up against several other bodies and the pleasure of listening to some Duke Ellington on the CD player.


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