The Flying Scotsman……..and a missing piece of vital information!



The Scotsman being restored at Bury (in Lancashire!)

In the last 24 hours we have been inundated with photographs, film and reports of the inaugural run of the iconic Flying Scotsman steam train from Kings Cross station in London to York.

I have heard numerous comments about “coming home to Yorkshire”, originally built in Doncaster, will be going to the “National Railway Museum in York ” prior to going on a nationwide tour.

Living as I do in West Yorkshire I watch the the regional TV programmes and they have obviously highlighted the trains links with Yorkshire and treated the whole thing as “the train was coming home.”

What slightly annoys me in all of this is that very little mention has been made of the fact that the hand built restoration was done in LANCASHIRE at the East Lancashire Railway company sheds in Bury by a local company.  Riley & Son (Bury) was appointed in October 2013 to complete the high-profile restoration project to bring the locomotive, built in Doncaster in 1923, back to Britain’s tracks.


Hundreds lined up to see the train set off from Kings Cross

A commercial partnership agreement has been reached, under which Riley & Son will manage the operation of the locomotive for the first two years of its post-restoration life. This will include a programme of ongoing maintenance and helping to resolve any issues that may arise during its return to mainline steam operation.

So perhaps all the commentators could actually mention Riley and Son because without their expertise, craftsmanship and commitment we would not be enjoying the Flying Scotsman again.  As a small recognition of all the work put in they could attach a small “red rose” to the front of the train.

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