Manchester Museum of Science and Industry


DSC_0055.jpgPaid a visit to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry last week as part of my industrial heritage visiting campaign.

It is a good few years sine I was last there and considerable development has taken place, not least the creation of a “working textile mill” on the ground floor of the museum.


It is brilliantly laid out so that visitors can stand above the textile area and see all the working machinery. The young man who was speaking about the industry was very knowledgeable and kept our interest throughout the 30 minute presentation (although I could have done without the PC mention of “how bad we had been to slaves”).

The machinery was wonderful and various ones were set working as we were taken through the process of manufacturing the cotton, from raw cotton import to finished goods.


As we were moving around I saw one of the notices that was put up in the cotton mills about the “do’s and don’ts” for the workers, who were in the main treated like slaves. The stories about children as young as five years of age working between the machinery were horrifying.

Point five on the notice board I find quite amusing and in particular the “language” used.

The museum is well worth a visit if you have the slightest interest in our proud industrial heritage here in the North West of England.

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