Ban all school sports and activities!


6a70e2e9d08e80a6b22ef252481243e9277b14a6645a494f6083e58ecd0477aa_large.jpegMore than 70 doctors and academics are calling for a ban on tackling in rugby matches played in UK and Irish schools. In an open letter to ministers, they say injuries from this “high-impact collision sport” can have lifelong consequences for children.

They argue two thirds of injuries in youth rugby and most concussions are down to tackles and urge schools to move to touch and non-contact rugby. Supporters say rugby builds character and other forms are less challenging.


In the light of the above proposal the Government have decided that from January 2017 the other following sports and school activities will be banned:-

Marbles – danger of flying glass and kids slipping on the marbles allied to betting addiction as children bet on outcomes of games

Conkers – danger of flying bits of conker that could easily blind a child and potentially racist as there are only “brown” conkers

Hop Scotch – intense pressure in hip bone from hopping motion will create long term hip damage which will require complete hip replacement at very early age

Football – risk of broken limbs, stress fractures and emotional distress at losing a game which would require extensive psychological counselling

Music – fear or repetitive strain injury, deafness and mixing with social undesirables that may lead nice children astray

Hide & Seek – children may get lost and suffer from anxiety and trauma, become disorientated and could be forced into the unpalatable situation of making a decision for themselves

Netball – would require teenage girls to run around in skimpy outfits and suffer from leering pubescent teenage boys, causing massive psychological issues of self image, self worth and personal confidence

Pata cake, pata cake – hand slapping game which is now accused of cultural appropriation and sexism

Walking to School (Unaccompanied)– considered too dangerous because of traffic and the potential for perverts to be hanging around school gates……….and it is very stressful for young people to use two legs to get anywhere independently

Dwile flonking – allegedly a game linked to pagan times and may corrupt the modern values or children who are easily led, can’t make a decision and depend on psychologists when they suffer ANY KIND of setback in life

So as you can see in this politically correct world, everything is being done to take away the enjoyment of childhood activities and reduce our children to hapless and mindless individuals, unable to make choices or decisions for themselves and thus grow up to be adults who in many cases are unable to cope with the real world out there!

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