Wiltshire ham………but not as you know it!


Today I went to do some supermarket shopping and as is always my policy I try to buy British meat whenever possible to support the beleaguered farming community in the UK. Two of my particular favourites are Yorkshire Ham and Wiltshire Ham, so as I made my way around ASDA supermarket in Huddersfield today I spotted some of the latter on the shelves.

It seemed a reasonable price so I put a pack in my basket and continued to make my way down to the wine department. As I slowly made my way down the shopping aisles I happened to glance at the package of ham again and suddenly realised that I was not buying British meat. Under the bold lettering of “Breaded Wiltshire Ham” was some much smaller lettering saying “Danish pork leg formed and cooked to a Wiltshire cure recipe, topped with golden breadcrumbs”

I was somewhat shocked by this as I had assumed that anything sold as “Wiltshire ham” had to have come from that designated area of the UK………..obviously not!

I know that a lot of cooked meats are from various countries in the EU and that the packaging does not make any other claims, or do they? It would be interesting to know how many products are being sold in what can only be described as a misleading way.

So next time you pick up a pack of cooked meats and it has phrases like “Wiltshire Cured” or Yorkshire Breaded Ham” or similar, check the small print as it may not always be what it purports to be

I was also in another supermarket recently and saw what was advertised as “Italian Style Pancetta” but upon closer inspection the meat was sourced from the Czech Republic. One could perhaps argue that the insertion of the word “Style”was a clue that this was not Italian produced pancetta. But how many people just take a face value what is in front of them……………and do they really care if they are getting their food at rock bottom prices?

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