A glorious day for steam trains…………..

Friday morning is quite sacrosanct in that it is set aside for my weekly “business meeting” with friend and colleague Mike over coffee and full English breakfast. We spend a good couple of hours discussing music and “putting the world to rights” as we comment on education, healthcare, politics and any other topic that takes our fancy. We have become weekly fixtures at the farm shop we visit and if we miss attending for more than a week they send search parties out for us.

Today (Friday), I decided to go over to Ramsbottom as it was the start of the “steam weekend” put on by East Lancashire Railway and it seems a good opportunity to photograph one of the steam trains. As Mike and I only meet at 11.00am I thought it would give me time to get across for the arrival of the first steam train at 10.30 and then get back to the farm shop for our meeting.

I arrived at Ramsbottom station just before 10.30 and took up my position on the bridge across the lines. During the next twenty five minutes I got the opportunity to photograph not one steam train but four! Here are some of the images from today…………..


All photographs (c) Kindadukish

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