The religion of “peace”………..


Carnage has again been perpetrated in another European city, this time it is Brussels and the number of dead is mounting as the day progresses. We are told there have been explosions at the airport and also on the metro (similar to 7/7) and that at least one suicide bomber was involved.

It is probably no coincidence that these atrocities have occurred just days after the Belgian authorities captured the organiser of the Paris killings.

9/11…Bali…Beslan…Madrid….Boston…Toulouse…Brussels…7/7… Sheila Gibbons…Daniel Pearl.. Nick Berg…Ken Bigley…Margaret Hassan…Volgograd…Nairobi…Dar Es Salaam…Beijing…Lee Rigby…Mumbai…Charlie Hebdo…Yazidi Christians…Nigerian school girls…Indian school students…Paris………

The above is a list of atrocities committed against cities, groups and in some cases individuals, remember Ken Begley was delivering aid to refugees when he was taken and beheaded. The Nigerian school girls were taken and forced to convert to Islam as well as being raped and the Indian students were slaughtered whilst attending their school.

The one question I would like to pose is “what factor do ALL the above have in common?”

I will also wait for the left wing cretins to crawl out of their holes to justify these atrocities, no doubt led by Corbyn and his anti-Semitic band of “muslim apologists!”


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