Lloyds Bank…………how about some customer service!



Yesterday I went into Lloyds Bank in Huddersfield to pay in a cheque I had recently received.

They recently had a refurbishment of the bank and there are now one or at most two cashiers dealing with customers with another member of staff at a “meet and greet desk.”

I went to the queue for the cashiers and was about fourth or fifth in line to be served when I noticed that the “meet and greet” lady was free. So, I went across and asked her could she pay my cheque in, a quite simple process.

She smiled, took the cheque from me then took me across to a wall full of cash machines, inserted the cheque, put my debit card in and waited for the machine to do its work. This involves the machine photocopying the cheque although I am not sure why this was needed.


She then handed me my debit card and with a smile said “Is there anything else I can help with?” to which I replied “yes, you could put more staff on to deal with customers as many of us still liked to be served by a human being and not a machine, as machines don’t answer questions, perhaps you would feed my comments back to your senior management.”

“Oh, I can’t do that “ she responded “as the management will not listen to me, you will have to write in to complain.”


“Do you have a formal complaint form?” I asked politely. “Well we do but it is only for complaints about banking issues, whereas you want to complain about service.”

“Well that sums up the banks attitude to customer service then” I commented. At this point she seemed to get worried and said “I will go and try to find some kind of form for you………..” to which I responded “don’t bother, I have heard all I need to hear about this bank and its attitude to customers” at which point I left the bank.

I think I will be changing banks in the not too distant future.

Addendum: I got a tweet from Lloyds yesterday saying they couldn’t access the link to my blog that I put in my tweet.I tweeted back that they should try putting the link into their browser……….since then deathly silence, not a word, bugger all………………………..





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One Response to Lloyds Bank…………how about some customer service!

  1. info4u2bu says:

    They’ve solved the complaints problem. No complaints forms means no complaints. Very soviet era don’t you think!


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