Rain in London, people get wet…….stop press news!



I gather from the front pages of various newspapers that London was hit by heavy rain yesterday and this morning. The odd tree was blown over and some walls blow down and worst of all, people in the south of England got wet.

Well I would like to remind these people in the south of England that up here in the north, and particularly parts of Lancashire, Cumbria and west Yorkshire we had this sort of weather for several weeks, NOT just over a day.

Of course after a few days the novelty value of “trouble up north” soon wore off and all but disappeared from the newspapers and TV. Whilst home owners, shop keepers and businesses were left to fend for themselves because as they say in London “out of sight, out of mind.”

So forgive me if I have little sympathy for my fellow countrymen in the south of England who got a little wet, as people here in the north are still recovering from the devastating floods that laid waste to many homes and businesses.

Perhaps Mr Cameron and his cronies can rethink the £12 billion of overseas aid that often goes to corrupt regimes and ridiculous projects:-

  • Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas — also PLO chief until last year — blew £9million on a palace.
  • Some £37,500 was used to fly ten civil officials from tyrant Kim Jong-un’s North Korea to Britain in 2013 to learn about “UK practices in media, justice and education”.
  • Another shock handout saw teachers sent to 17 countries, at a cost of £1.1million, to coach kids to sing folk songs.
  • The Foreign Office sponsored a new Premier League in Afghanistan with £240,000.
  • Nearly £6million went to a US think tank that spent £12million on a new HQ in Washington.
  • And £13,000 was given to a climate change summit in Texas.
  • Taxpayers’ money has also been used to fund a BBC Somali radio drama, in which characters trade tips on how to become illegal immigrants in Europe.

and send some of it north?

Sources: BBC/The Sun/Daily Mail


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