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Courteous passport control officer at Arlanda airport…….someone inform Manchester airport passport control staff that this is how it should be done

  Last year I wrote a blog about the standard of customer service at the “passport control” desks at Manchester Airport and complained about the surly, unwelcoming response I got from the person who I handed my passport to with … Continue reading

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A refreshing “waterhole” in Vilnius…………“Pinavija”

Vilnius has an abundance of coffee houses, in fact after my most recent visit I would suggest that it has more coffee shops per head of population than any other country in Europe. There are also many cafes, bistros and … Continue reading

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Another Lithuanian musical star………… Rūta Lipinaitytė and an “unknown composer”

I have just returned from a six day trip to Vilnius in Lithuania and during my visit I paid my usual visit to the Philharmonic Hall (Saturday 9 April 2016), accompanied by my friend, colleague and informal tour guide Renata. … Continue reading

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