A refreshing “waterhole” in Vilnius…………“Pinavija”

Vilnius has an abundance of coffee houses, in fact after my most recent visit I would suggest that it has more coffee shops per head of population than any other country in Europe.


Pinavija Cafe

There are also many cafes, bistros and restaurants that the visitor can seek refuge in, many offering decent food at still reasonable prices.

After an absence from the city of about eighteen months I decided to seek out the finest kibinai shop this side of the Ural mountains, namely “Pinavija” at Vilniaus g. 21 (just down by the right hand side of the Novatel).

My friend Mike and I discovered this eating-place several years ago and every time we return to Vilnius we make a pilgrimage to sample the food (in fact we usually make several pilgrimages during each visit).


The exalted Kibinai (aka Cornish Pasty)

What attracts us, quite simply the variety of kibinai on offer plus the clear chicken broth that they serve. Now I have to make it clear to all my friends in Lithuania that the kibinai is a descendant of the “Cornish pasty” and not the other way around. Kibinai are traditional pastries filled with mutton and onion, popular with Karaite ethnic minority in Lithuania and originated around Trakai (after they had stolen the recipe and idea from Cornwall).

There are around five or six different kibinai on sale and I recommend the chicken one in particular, succulent insides with the most delightful pastry wrapping………..but be warned, once you have tasted you will become addicted.


Oh, lead me not into temptation……….

What compounds the problem is that the café sells the most stunning and delicious looking cakes and I defy anyone to resist the temptation to taste the “goodies.”

Service in the café is excellent (although you may have to queue at busy lunch time periods such is the popularity of the place) and many of the staff speak excellent English.

If you are visiting Vilnius then this is a “must” on your tourist trail

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