Vilnius re-visted…………..

After a gap of eighteen months I made my thirty something trip back to Vilnius in April 2016. I had been invited to do a presentation to the HR Group at the Danish Chamber of Commerce (thank you Finn for your excellent hospitality) and decided to stay a few extra days to see old friends and colleagues from Vilnius University as well as visiting some of my favourite haunts in the city.

Of course my first port of call after arriving in Vilnius in the early evening was a walk around Cathedral Square to take in the majesty of Vilniaus Šv. Stanislovo ir Šv. Vladislovo Arkikatedra Bazilika (perhaps better known as “the white cathedral”).

Over the next few days I walked to the castle on the hill, to get some wonderful photographs across the city and looking along the River Neris, did a tour of what were the Jewish ghetto’s in the old town, was taken to a wonderful viewing point at the back of the presidential palace (thank you Renata), wandered along the river bank to take in the architecture and at times was drawn like a magnet to the kibinai shop “Pinavija” which, I have written about in a previous blog.

Since I was last in the city the country has converted to the Euro and it would seem from talking to people that the inevitable price rises have occurred, as they seemed to do in every country converting to the euro currency.

I dined at Bistro 18 which was excellent as usual (thank you Anne for saving the fish cakes for us) and also The Kitchen, where we had two very good meals, one evening I had “bangers and mash”……….obviously a very traditional Lithuanian dish.

I finished off my visit with a concert at the Philharmonic Hall (see previous blog) on the Saturday and then Sunday did a short tour of Uzupis which has become very trendy with new restaurants and coffee / delis. Inevitably I took about five hundred or so photographs and some I am sharing below.

If you have never been to Lithuania then put it on your “bucket list” and in particular Vilnius which I consider the “jewel of the Baltics.”


Lithuanian Flag


View of the “White Cathedral” from the Castle Tower


Cathedral Square


Grand Duke Gediminas


Hill of Three Crosses


The Castle


The River Front


The Rear Garden of the Presidential Palace


Contemporary Sculpture in Vilnius


Well, what do you expect……it is Uzupis!


The Uzupis Constitution in 26 Languages


Rooftop View of the City


The “Old” sits alongside the “New”


The River Neris meanders through the City


Photographs (c) Kindadukish

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