West Yorkshire Cameras – customer service of the highest order


Some time ago I discovered that I had got dust on the sensor of my Pentax k50 camera which has become a real inconvenience, particularly when shooting clear skies or similar.

I decided that I had to try to resolve this problem and went on the internet where the message seemed to be “don’t try this yourself, get it done professionally.” So, off I trotted to Leeds and a visit to Jessops  camera shop to seek advice. A very helpful young man had a look at the camera, took a couple of test shots to identify where the dust specks were, and then informed me that for the sensor to be cleaned it would cost £50.00 to have it done the same day, £40.00 if I left it for one day and £30.00 if left for two days or more. I thought this a little steep so I thanked him for his help and left the shop.

On returning home I decided to see if there were any other camera shops that offered a repair service. After a little Googling I found one listed as  “West Yorkshire Cameras – The Proper Camera Shop” based at the Corn Exchange in Leeds. This sounded promising so I rang them and spoke to a very helpful young man named Howard who suggested I bring it in and he would see what he could do. He said that if he could blow the dust off  using a small instrument there would be no charge, but if it needed more work it would cost £20.00………..considerably cheaper than Jessops.

Yesterday I ventured into Leeds again and visited the shop (which is very cool) and Howard took the camera apart and blew the dust off the sensor successfully. He then handed the camera back to me and said there was no charge. I suggested a nominal £5.00 payment but he assured me it was not necessary. I thanked him profusely and left the shop a very satisfied customer. I have since used the camera and indeed the dust specks have disappeared.

So, thank you Howard for your kindness and really first class customer service, you deserve every bit of business that comes your way, and that will include me if I need any further help with any of my cameras.

They can be found at http://wycameras.com (please note I have no personal or business interest in this company)

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