John Mann responds to Ken Livingstone and he doesn’t mince his words………..


The above is John Mann a Labour MP who today had the balls to do what no other Labour official would do and that was “call out” Ken Livingstone over the latters remarks about Jews and Israel. Corbyn has shown a singular lack of leadership over the anti-semitism “cancer” that pervades the current Labour party but let anyone murmur anything about islam and muslims and Corbyn and his leftist hacks will be at the barricades condemning people for “islamophobia” which, of course there is no such “illness.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, what he actually said to Livingtsone in a public confrontation was “you are a fucking disgrace” along with several other epithets and home truths.

So this evening I shall raise a glass of wine to Mr Mann for reacting in such a positive and “direct” way………..they obviously don’t mince words back in Bassetlaw.

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