Images of Golcar and the Colne Valley

About a year ago a very good friend of mine gave me “temporary custody” of his Sony a65 Digital SLR with the instruction to make as much use of it as possible. I have used it several times but it is taking me a while to get used to as my regular cameras, a Nikon D5200 and a Pentax k50, seem to be very similar but the Sony is quite different with settings and where various things are positioned on the body of the camera.

Anyway, as it was a very pleasant afternoon today I decided to have a walk around the village I live in on top of the Pennines, and which affords me wonderful views along the Colne valley toward Slaithwaite and Marsden. So camera in hand I set out and just took random shots to get used to the camera. I photographed whatever took my fancy, from picturesque views of the countryside to whatever was in peoples gardens.

Below are a sample of the shots I took, and Mike, I hope you feel I have done your camera justice..










Photographs (C) Kindadukish

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