A very lucky young man visits East Lancs Railway…….

Last Friday I drove down to Ramsbottom Station to see if I could photograph the steam train that was running that day, my timing can go a bit awry as one can never legislate for the traffic on the M62 motorway (and it is about a 40 mile journey……..sorry, we don’t do kilometres in this country).

Anyway, I arrived in time and it was a lovely morning so I spent some time just exploring the little station and there surrounding area. I also bumped into a couple of grandfathers with very young children who both said they had brought the kids down to see the steam trains……….this is interpreted as they wanted to see the trains themselves and the kids were a good excuse to come down to the station.

Around 10.35 the train arrived from Rawtenstall and it was train I had not seen before, small but in beautiful condition looking the part. It pulled into Ramsbottom station to take on passengers and just at that moment I saw steam coming from the other direction, a few seconds later the majestic City of Wells train pulled into the station.

I tried to capture as many images as possible including the inside of the cab of the City of Wells. I was also able to observe a young father encouraging his son (about 7 or 8 years old) to go into the cab of the train at the drivers invitation………I don’t really think the young man fully appreciated how lucky he was.

Eventually the small train departed for Bury Station leaving the other train at the platform before it shunted off down the line. So today, two steam trains for the price of one and one very happy photographer. Below are some of the images of the day……………



IMGP8331.jpgIMGP8306 2.JPGIMGP8322.JPGIMGP8346.JPGIMGP8345 2.jpgIMGP8321.JPGIMGP8297.jpgIMGP8351.jpgIMGP8399.JPG

All photographs (c) Kindadukish

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