Anti-semitism and the Mayor of London, nothing changes!



The response in Pakistan to Sadiq Khan being elected  mayor of London. Note the subversive anti-Semitism in the poster, “millionaire jew” which seems to suggest that there is an undercurrent of hatred against jews and the Israeli nation.

I wonder if Goldsmith had won and his supporters had come out onto the streets with a banner  saying that he defeated a man who was an “anti-Semite, supporter of hate preachers, believes in separation of the sexes and worships a paedophile prophet” what the response from the muslims and “leftie supporters” would have been……….although I suggest you can guess. I am not suggesting any of these are true about Khan but a trawl through posting on the Guido Fawkes blog site  may educate you about Khans views over the years.

Prepare for the further islamification of London and watch how important political posts in the mayoral office are filled by candidates who just happen to be islam supporters and those from the lunatic fringe of the Labour left.




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