A Bull Nosed Morris Cowley………….

Wandering through the village of Eyam in the Peak District last week I came across a beautiful old car parked in a driveway. I spent several minutes admiring the magnificent piece of engineering when the owner appeared with a friend.


I asked him would it still run and he said yes, and that he had driven it from Lincoln to Eyam that morning. He then went on to explain that it was a “Bull Nosed Morris Cowley” built in 1926, it was completely roadworthy and had a top speed of between 35 and 40 mph. The engine had been adapted and it ran on unleaded petrol.


As I walked way he got in the car, started it up and then drove off along the main road at a fairly leisurely pace……….but what an object of beauty it was.


So if you are driving around Derbyshire at any time keep an eye out for this gentleman in his wonderful old, but beautiful car.

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