“Lust for Life”……..Iggy Pop

To corrupt an old saying, “there are old rock singers and there are wild rock singers, but there are very few old and wild rock singers” but one who seems to have survived and fit the latter category is Iggy Pop. Often described as the wild man of rock music his antics on stage have become legendary, like wearing see through trousers on stage and nothing underneath.

His most recent album, a collaboration with Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme, Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders and LA multi-instrumentalist Dean Fertita has been received with critical acclaim and belies the fact that Iggy is fast approaching 70 years of age.

Does that mean it’s his last ever release? Well…probably not. But almost certainly, this album marks the closing of the last great chapter in Iggy’s musical life – ‘The Stooges’, ‘The Idiot’, ‘Lust For Life’, ‘The Passenger’ and some of the most iconic performances in rock history – as we know it.

As a testament to his longevity and iconic performances I am posting a recent excerpt from a Jools Holland programme where, backed by his new band he did a raucous version of his most famous song, “Lust for Life.”


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