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Christine and the Queens…….unusual!

I watched very little of Glastonbury this year and really have no interest in Coldplay, despite their overwhelming popularity, and many of the other acts I had never heard of…………perhaps a sign of old age! However, I did switch on … Continue reading

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Discovery of secret tunnel at Ponar, Vilnius, Lithuania

A tunnel in Lithuania used by Jews to escape the Nazis during World War II has been uncovered by an international research team. The Israel Antiquities Authority announced the discovery on Wednesday in a statement. The tunnel used by the prisoners … Continue reading

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Orchestral conductors, egos and musicians

In the world of classical music it is often said that the orchestral conductor has to manage the egos and personalities of the often ninety plus musicians in front of them. There have of course been those conductors who would … Continue reading

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Visit to War Graves cemetery ruled as “too draining” for England football team

The bunch of pampered and preening footballers who allegedly “represented” England in France returned to the UK yesterday after their ignominious defeat by Iceland. As usual many of them walked off the aeroplane with headphones on, oblivious to the outside … Continue reading

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Andy Burnham…….carpet bagger extraordinaire!

  Tweet: “I have seen a jellyfish with more backbone than Andy Burnham” Is Andy Burnham (MP for Leigh) the biggest carpetbagger in British politics. As his colleagues resign en mass to try and get rid of the “walking dead … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn……..intellectual pygmy

Did the Labour Party really know what they were doing when they elected Jeremy Corbyn as leader. A man of limited intellect who has spent his whole life in marxist cabals surrounded by like minded cronies (interesting that it is … Continue reading

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A Canal Walk………..Brighouse to Elland

When one thinks of West Yorkshire it is usually in terms of “gritty industrial north” and to a large extent this would not be far from the truth for many areas. However, these days many industrial sites have been reclaimed … Continue reading

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Christmas arrives in Hebden Bridge……in June!

Anyone who has followed my blog will remember the one about the floods in West Yorkshire and which featured the above distressing image of the devastation of the floods. It was at Christmas time and for whole communities their priority … Continue reading

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Eddie Izzard….man(?) of the people

Over the years we have become accustomed to Eddie Izzard supporting all things Labour and he has a propensity for self publicity that few can match. Unfortunately, Eddie has a track record of backing “wrong uns” (as we say in … Continue reading

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23 June 2016………a momentous day for the UK

A momentous day for the UK as we take back our independence, our sovereignty and the right to decide who comes and doesn’t come to this country. And no, we are not a nation of racists or Little Englanders but … Continue reading

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