The Labour Party…….a haven for anti-semites

Below is a short article from the Guido Fawkes blog and I make no apology for posting it given the appalling behaviour of the Labour Party with regard to Israel and the Jewish people. After suspending a number of party members (including at least one MP) it would seem that the Unite union is determined to re-admit a bunch of semi-semites as they have been badly treated by the media. The fact that the anti-semitic comments were made in public, well documented and observed does not seem to cut any ice with this bunch of left-wing Jew haters. I would be willing to bet that all those suspended are quickly re-admitted to the party and the obnoxious Ken Livingstone will be back on the Labour NEC within twelve months. And to think I used to support what was once a proud political party!


Labour’s biggest backer Unite had up until now managed to stay out of the party’s anti-semitism crisis. That’s not good enough for the London ITC branch of the Union, who will next Thursday be debating readmitting Labour members barred for anti-semitism.

The union’s motion claims “The expelled comrades are loyal Labour Party members, who are being targeted on spurious grounds as part of a right-wing campaign to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.” Loyal Labour party members who believe Zionists colluded with the Nazis, Israelis should be “relocated“, and who call on their comrades to “address the Jewish question“…

If successful, this motion will result in Labour’s biggest financial backer supporting the party in welcoming back expelled anti-semites “with open arms”. Maybe that’s why Jackie Walker was readmitted this week…

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