Boots, the hight street store……..not customer friendly



Went into Boots Ltd. the high street store this morning and bought hair products to the value of £17.00. As I went up to pay I asked the lady serving me to check how many points I had on my “Advantage” reward card which she very kindly did and said you have £4.78 to spend.

As I very rarely use the card I said “I will use them as part payment for the goods, so just knock that amount off the total bill.” She responded by saying “I can’t do that as you must have the fill value of your spend on the card, you cannot pay partly by points and partly by cash, that has always been the rule.”

I then asked why this rule existed as surely it was beyond the realms of a major store to have a system where “part payments” can be made. Many other stores have similar reward systems but you can use their vouchers in part payment, so why not at Boots?


The lady was very apologetic and I realised that she was just acting under instructions and my complaint was against the “system” not the personal customer service.

So, come on Boots explain why part payments using an Advantage card are not possible, other high street and supermarkets seem able to cope with part payments. As they always say “if the system does not benefit the customer then CHANGE IT”

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