Clean Eating is bad for you

Excellent article by friend and colleague Mike………


carrying_text_12640Trendy, faddy, beloved by social media – but rubbish.

The Sunday Times had just published an expose of the Clean Eating movement and it makes shocking reading. They put it like this: Clean eating can seriously damage your health.

The clean-eating favourites with their girly socio-media friendly names are guilty of spreading an obsessive desire for healthy eating called orthorexia. This recently labelled eating disorder has serious ramifications.

Removing whole food groups or advocating low protein or no animal protein diets doesn’t make nutritional sense according to nutritionist Miguel Toribio-Mateas. It also makes you prone to getting infections.

Another nutritionist Jo Travers says cutting out dairy means “you have to concentrate a lot harder on getting enough calcium to achieve and maintain good bone density“. She also notes that vegan diets can led to deficiencies in protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B12 and omega 3.

In Britain…

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