Jazz, who said that women can’t swing……

I regularly track the development of the Saint Andreu jazz band from Barcelona, made up of people between the ages of 8 and 20 (Elsa Armengou is now an “old hand” having joined the band when she was 6 and is now 11 years of age). Joan Chamorro who leads the project regularly leads different groups from within the orchestra and recently I came across an excerpt from a concert given by the “women” within the orchestra (who said women couldn’t swing) and another discovery in Elia Bastida, a young woman who plays the violin in a manner that Stephane Grappelli would be proud of.

They perform to a very appreciative audience and a group of jazz dancers and the band seem to be having a s much fun as the audience.

Below are the details of the concert and the players, and in particular I draw your attention to Magali Datzira, a bass player of immense talent who reminds me at times of Charlie Haden.

Casinet d’Hostafrancs — cicle de concerts de jazz gratuïts a l’hora del vermut. 12.30

JAZZ WOMEN’S de la Sant Andreu Jazz Band
Direcció. Joan Chamorro
Eva Fernández, veu, saxos alt, soprà i bariton
Helena Pañart, veu i saxo tenor
Paula Berzal, veu i trombó
Andrea Motis, veu , saxos alt i soprà i trompeta
Alba Armengou, veu, saxo soprà i trompeta
Alba Esteban, veu i saxos soprà i alt
Elsa Armengou, veu i trompeta
Elia Bastida, veu i violí
Carla Motis, guitarra, ukelele i banjo
Magali Datzira, veu i contrabaix
Abril Sauri, bateria

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