Foxes and Fossils………keep an eye open for them

There are certain songs that should never be sung by anyone other than the original artist and amongst this list is “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” recorded many years ago by Crosby Stills and Nash. The need for harmonisation of the voices is critical to this song and in all honesty I cannot recall anyone other than CS&N even attempting it.

So today when I was looking at YouTube and listening to various recordings of CS&N one of the links thrown up was a cover version of the above song by someone called “Foxes and Fossils” who, I confess I had never heard of.

I was in two minds as to watch the performance but decided to risk all so clicked on the video. What i heard and saw was a performance of Suite Judy Blue Eyes that is almost as good as the original, played by some local band who do not seem to have any recording contract nor play many gigs.

The two young ladies in the group were 15 and 16 at the time this was recorded and I think one of them has now gone off to college but they have found a replacement.

Anyway, there is little else I can tell you about the group so sit back and enjoy this excellent performance of CS&N classic, Suite Judy Blue Eyes.

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17 Responses to Foxes and Fossils………keep an eye open for them

  1. info4u2bu says:

    I’m definitely with the fossils on this one but excellent performance


    • Al Bianchi says:

      I just can across this band yesterday with a Fleetwood Mac cover. I was blown away. Then this song comes across my YouTube thread and I am at a loss for words. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Blown away again!

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  2. Doctor Bob says:

    I have followed this group extensively and, frankly, can’t get enough of replaying the many covers that they have done while the girls were teenagers and unencumbered by the responsibilities of school and their moving on to adult responsibilities. I believe that most everyone who has heard them would remark on their clear professional caliber and that they are – were – as good a group as anyone out there. The fact that they never “made it” perhaps proves the rule: “No matter how good you are, if you don’t play your own stuff, you are doomed to playing the local eating houses and perhaps a county fair or two.” That is a sad reality of the music business.

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  3. Derek Holmes says:

    Brilliant sound, given myself and my wife a lot of pleasure. 😀😀😀 🎼🎼

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  4. eddie willers says:

    Just stumbled onto them today. (Sep., 2017) All I can say is…wow! Trying to follow up on history and it appears that the magnificent voice of Maggie is now working at a Nashville agency booking talent that I would wager can’t hold a candle to her.

    But sadly, I know how often this is true. I worked on the music periphery in Austin, Tx in 1980 and would walk by artists on 6th Street that would blow the doors off of anything on the radio. If I were a young man (again) I would do all I could to get them recording contracts.


  5. Kelvin Sparks says:

    This song was an epic when it came out on Crosby Stills and Nash’s first album, almost a classical rhapsody – and proof of the wonderful creativity that could happen when gifted musicians got together! I, too, never thought I would hear it covered by anyone, too daunting by half. Then to hear this group of relaxed guys and gals take it on – and nail it. Wow!!

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  6. Billy Bones says:

    They do have a CD out and truly one of the excellent cover bands of the south – Atlanta area I think.

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  7. James B says:

    August 2018. Wow, this group is beyond excellent. Just heard them for the first time. What an enjoying night of listening to great music and great voices. I hope they can get together again and continue on.

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  8. John David Downes says:

    Haven’t stopped playing Suite Judy Blue Eyes since first finding this flawless version on YouTube. I have been a fan of CSN since they formed. I didn’t think Suite could be copied but foxes nailed it and showed what a professional band they are. Shame they could not stay in this line up for longer. I should also comment on the guitarist who played Steven Stills acoustic lead he also nailed it. He must be very accomplished and well known. FAB

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  9. Absolutely spectacular! Every aspect of the performance from the bassist to the guitarists and the vocals and harmonies were exceptional!

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  10. Paul Rom says:

    Came across this band about 2 wks ago on You Tube, while looking for a cover of Suite Judy Blue Eyes! Needless to say, I was blown away! They would be perfect for a small venue where I live that is a combination bar, guitar and music store and restaurant. This venue books a lot of excellent cover bands. All I can say is: Atmos and respect!

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  11. Unbelieveable cover band. These guys are the real deal , with humility , humbleness , love , and talent , more than a person could ever wish for !!!

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