Eddie Izzard….man(?) of the people


Over the years we have become accustomed to Eddie Izzard supporting all things Labour and he has a propensity for self publicity that few can match. Unfortunately, Eddie has a track record of backing “wrong uns” (as we say in the north) whilst at the same time projecting a personal image that some would raise an eyebrow at (but that is his choice). I am sure that many of the working class communities in the north, midlands and Wales were delighted to have Eddie in his flamboyant apparel (love the high heels Eddie) waxing lyrical about the benefits of membership of the EU, particularly those areas which had suffered industrial decline and massive job losses in the last 20 years.

So to try and be objective in assessing Eddies credibility here is his recent campaign record in full:

join the euro
elect Ken Livingstone
elect Gordon Brown
vote Yes in the AV referedum
elect Ed Miliband
elect Andy Burnham as Labour leader
Remain in the EU

Is it any wonder that working  class voters cast their vote to leave when they had been assailed in the media, TV and radio by the above gentleman (I use that word loosely) berating anyone who considered voting leave. His appearance on Question Time on the BBC last week must have had even the remainers shaking their heads in exasperation at his behaviour.

So all I can say is thank you Eddie Izzard, you probably did more than any of the “luvvie” individuals advocating remain, to drive people into the leave camp. And just a fashion tip Eddie, a slightly deeper shade of red with the lipstick and a fluffier pink beret would make a world of difference!

NB.Some source material courtesy of Guido Fawkes blog.

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