Jeremy Corbyn……..intellectual pygmy


Did the Labour Party really know what they were doing when they elected Jeremy Corbyn as leader. A man of limited intellect who has spent his whole life in marxist cabals surrounded by like minded cronies (interesting that it is often public school educated politicians who want to get down with the working classes e.g. Tony Benn). A man who has never held any political office, nor it would seem held what I would call a proper job outside the political bubble.

Many of those he calls his “friends” are racist, anti-semitic bigots hell bent on the destruction of Israel (yes Ken we do mean you). They also do a nice line in misogyny, stoning of women, murdering gay people or indeed anyone who opposes them.

This is the man who has argued against membership of the EU for the past 30 years but suddenly lost the courage of his convictions and suddenly appears in the “remain” camp but shows little or no enthusiasm to campaign for a remain vote.

No bloody wonder the traditional working class voters stuck two fingers up to him and the remain camp. It is said that many Labour MPs were dismayed at Corby’s unwillingness to show any enthusiasm or get out amongst traditional Labour voters to campaign, I think he went off on holiday at one stage.

The Labour Party now has a glorious opportunity to get rid of Corbyn, elect a new leader who can communicate ideas to people and win back traditional Labour voters like myself. Corbin may be a “nice man” but he is just not very bright and god forbid he should ever become prime minister, what a disastrous road that would be (“I have invited my friends from Hamas to No 10 but they are stoning a couple of women and throwing some gays off the top of buildings so may be delayed a little”)

There will be a general election in the next 2 years and someone needs to shove Corbyn out of the door and find an electable leader as the Labour Party will have an excellent opportunity to challenge the government

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