13 Reasons to join there “Labour Party” or not, as the case may be!


Looking for something new in life, seeking a fresh challenge, want to do something different, then why not join the Labour party.

So what can we offer you:-

  • Committed to anti-Semitism (Jeremy will lead on this)
  • Promote the hatred of Israel
  • Actively threaten and bully MPs (particularly Jewish ones)
  • A leader who supports Hamas and Hezbollah
  • Misogyny, wife-beating, FGM, killing of gays. stoning of women will be enshrined into the Labour Party manifesto in line with our commitment to “multiculturalism” and the imposition of sharia law
  • Welcome Islamic hate preachers to our meetings and gatherings (Ken Livingstone will lead on this)
  • Firmly believe that Islam is a religion of peace
  • Believe that anything American is “evil”
  • Reviewing our historical view of Stalin and now believe that the starvation / exile / show trials / murder of millions of people was “necessary and worthwhile” to further the needs of socialism (step forward Seamus Milne)
  • View ISIS as a legitimate organisation to protest against the west and its imperialism
  • View the armed forces as an unnecessary evil
  • Support corrupt  and repressive regimes e.g. Venezuela
  • Believe an open door policy to immigration is the right and proper policy

So, if you are a Jew hater, like the thought of “eradicating” those from society who don’t agree with you, believe in the Caliphate and want to live a contented life of subjugation, control and indoctrination, then come and join the Labour party now, you will not be disappointed.

And to think this this was a party I supported and voted for, for over 35 years…………..











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4 Responses to 13 Reasons to join there “Labour Party” or not, as the case may be!

  1. ms6282 says:

    Hi. I normally wouldn’t comment on political stuff but do you really believe all of that stuff? It’s rather a distortion of Corbyn’s position.

    Being anti Zionist does not equate to anti Semitism
    Being anti Islamaphobe does not equate to being pro Isis

    I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why you may not like the Labour left but many of your points are simply untrue


    • kindadukish says:

      Look at Corbyn’s record on antisemitism, his constant promotion of Hamas, his refusal to condemn anything they do e.g. firing rockets into Israel from the side of schools and hospitals (verified by the UN). Name me one Jewish organisation he has ever met with to discuss the Gaza conflict? Now name me the Islamic groups he has met with to discuss the same issue? The man is stuck in the 1970s and has never progressed beyond 6th form student political debate because the only people he meets with are the marxist cabal led by Seamus Milne and his cohorts. Second point, there is no such thing as Islamaphobia, it is a creation of the victim mentality of muslims and organisations like Tell Mama who have a clear agenda. Moreover, a phobia is an unrational fear, one can hardly say that a fear of muslims is irrational given the not all muslims are terrorists, but 97% of terrorist activities last year were committed by muslims e.g. ISIS, Boko Haram, murder of schoolchildren in Pakistan by Taliban, Brussels, Paris…….need I go on. The labour left are reared on the politics of envy and all we have heard from Corbyn for the last year is about “workers rights”, when has he ever met with business leaders to discuss the economy? I remember Corbyn and his kind in the 1970s when they tried to cripple the industrial base of this country with no regard for the industrial future of the country. So feel feel to disagree and that is your prerogative, I remain convinced that Corbyn (along with many Labour party members of the hard left) are antisemitic whilst muslims are entirely innocent of ANY accusation of terrorism.


  2. kindadukish says:

    Hmmmmm. I note you have not refuted any of the points I have raised.


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