Never underestimate experience!


I came across this on Linkedin recently and thought is was well worth sharing, and is a salutary lesson for all those organisations that think anyone over the age of 45 is past it!

A ship engine failed, no one could fix it.

Then they brought in a man with 40 yrs. on the job.

He inspected the engine carefully, top to bottom.

After looking things over, the guy reached into his bag and pulled out a small hammer.

He gently tapped something.

Instantly, the engine lurched into life.

The engine was fixed!

7 Days later the owners got his bill for 10k.

‘What?!’ the owners said ‘You hardly did anything. Send us an itemized bill. ”

The reply simply said Tapping with a hammer. $2 Knowing where to tap? $9,998

Don’t Ever Underestimate Experience

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