Saint Andreu Jazz Band……..even more talent!

Over the past 6 months or so I have highlighted the tremendous talents of the Saint Andreu Jazz Band from Barcelona including Andrea Motis, Eva Fernandez, Magali Datzira, Alba Esteban and the ever precocious Elsa Armengou.

Well now they have discovered another star in the making, a young man by the name of Victor Carrascosa who was ten years of age when the above was recorded. This is remarkably assured playing for one so young, apparently he is the son of a well known jazz musician in Spain, so it must be in the genes.

Listen out also for one of the most talented (but perhaps unsung) members of the band in bassist Magali Datzira, wonderful playing.


Elsa Armengou

As a bonus I have included below a performance of the band that brought a broad smile to my face. Not only does Elsa Armengou play trumpet and sing with the band, she has now been co-opted into the dance group along with her sister Alba and Alba Esteban…….although I am not sure they will ever win any prizes as dancers.

Elsa and Alba Armengou along with Alba Esteban display their cool moves……………….







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